Virtual Nutrition Consultant to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

GorryWell's wellness monitoring application has recently launched a new feature that will function like a "virtual nutrition consultant". This feature is specifically called the "Healthy Guide" and will provide personal menu calendar recommendations per day to GorryWell users.

Virtual Nutrition Consultant to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Gorry Holdings Co-Founder and Chairperson William Susilo Yunior said the company that developed the GorryWell application said that this feature could provide daily meal plan information ranging from breakfast, snack, lunch to dinner menus that were matched with health / dietary goals and health biometrics each the user.

"Every new feature that we develop is based on an analysis of the needs of our users and the digital research we do. Our findings over the past few years show that many people have started a healthy way of life by regulating daily menu consumption. This is the main reason we released the Healthy Guide feature, "he said when met at his office in West Jakarta, February 24, 2020.

In line with that, Gorry Holdings CEO Herry Budiman asserted, as a one stop e-Wellness solution platform, GorryWell was indeed developed as a preventive effort for people to become healthier and fitter through their dietary and daily activities arrangements.

Investing in a healthy lifestyle is much cheaper than treatment. According to Herry, for example, it can be seen from the potential failure to pay BPJS already touched Rp. 15.5 trillion. It is time we collectively cultivate knowledge and commit to start a healthier life so as not to get sick. Now starting a healthier life is becoming easier and more practical through the use of digital technology.

"By downloading GorryWell and utilizing the Healthy Guide feature, users will know what foods they can and should not consume. They are like having a virtual nutrition consultant because later they will be given recommendations for morning, afternoon, evening meals and snacks twice a day, "said Herry Budiman.

He added, the recommendations given could be different because everyone has different health goals. "There are those who want to lose weight, recover from illness, recovery, pregnancy and so on. Later recipe recommendations will appear that they can use for their daily lives, adjusted to their goals, "he said.

Virtual Nutrition Consultant to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

He stressed that the recommendations given were based on the analysis of a team of nutritionists owned by Gorryoldings. "They are very experienced and have nutritional health education qualifications from well-known national campuses so they can be accounted for."

Herry added that GorryWell is not responsible for negative impacts if users ignore the recommendations they provide.

"It could be right, we recommend eating menu A, but they eat menu B, later we will give a kind of warning based on their food journal. For example, the calories are already too high, the fat exceeds the dose, or the protein is overdosed, "Herry explained.

"So we urge users to follow what is suggested by GorryWell to make it easier for them to achieve healthy goals," he continued.

In 2020, Gorry Holdings plans to add new features that will provide integrated solutions to the healthy lifestyle of the community. "There will be a new breakthrough this year, we will announce it later. Currently it is still in the process of development, "he concluded.


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