This Woman Lifts Weight to 63 Kg with the Help of Xbox Games

Having the ideal body can be the dream of everyone, especially women. Not only makes you more confident, having an ideal weight is also good for health.

This is also experienced by the girl from England, Laura Dryden. Laura claimed to have a more fit body after he managed to lose weight quite dramatically.

Initially the 29-year-old woman was dubbed the fattest woman on her campus. Not only lacking confidence, Laura also claimed to often have difficulty breathing and unable to walk far.

"When I was at university, going around campus was a nightmare, and I was always out of breath when I walked to class," Laura told the Daily Mail.

Not only that, Laura also can not buy clothes that are trending. He was really sad and disappointed with the condition of his body.

"I am very sad and disappointed when I want to buy clothes. I want to wear clothes that are becoming a trend. But that is not possible because of my size," he said.

Laura then began to realize to lose weight after a vacation in Egypt eight years ago. At that time, Laura's body weight had reached 117.4 kilograms. Because of her fat body, Laura did not dare to wear a swimsuit while on vacation.

"That was the turning point in my life that pushed me to live a healthier lifestyle. I don't want to feel miserable anymore," he said.

Sport with the help of Xbox Games

Laura then starts exercising using a fitness game on her Xbox console. He chose several fitness games such as Your Shape Fitness Evolved, Dance Central, Zumba Fitness, and The Biggest Loser.

Laura also bought a cross-trainer that she used regularly while watching TV. He also runs four times a week and takes blackcurrant supplements to maintain stamina while exercising.

Laura tells how she started eating healthy foods. Starting from breakfast consisting of porridge with almond milk, followed by lunch soup in winter. Dinner usually consists of meat, fish or chicken with lots of vegetables, and mashed potatoes.

After feeling weight loss, Laura tried to jog for the first time in 2013. She also participated in various marathon competitions in her city. Unwittingly, Laura was finally able to reach her ideal weight. At the end of 2013 too, Laura's weight had decreased from 117.4 kg to 53.9 kg in other words her weight had shrunk by 63.5 kg.

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