To Not Be Moody, These 5 Foods Are Recommended When PMS

To Not Be Moody, These 5 Foods Are Recommended When PMS - Changes in mood are closely related to premenstrual syndrome (PMS). PMS can trigger a variety of physical or mental symptoms that usually occur one or two weeks before menstruation.

You can minimize the discomfort by reducing sugar and caffeine. Here are some foods that are recommended for you to consume to treat PMS:

1. Avocados
If the symptoms of PMS begin to feel, you can try to consume avocados. This good fatty food contains potassium and minerals which act as natural diuretics. Potassium can help you protect your body from muscle cramps and can increase satiety. This is in accordance with alerts from  Health .

2. Sardines
According to one study, sardines contain omega-3 fatty acids which can help you reduce bloating caused by PMS, headaches, breast pain, depression, nervousness, anxiety, and lack of concentration.

3. Dark Chocolate
This type of chocolate can reduce PMS symptoms . The antioxidants it contains can trigger the walls of your blood vessels to relax by lowering blood pressure and increasing circulation.

A study has also proven that by consuming this chocolate about half an ounce every day for two weeks, can reduce your stress hormone levels.

While the magnesium and mineral content, can help you relieve PMS symptoms, such as bloating, fatigue, depression, and irritability. Dark chocolate has been proven to improve mood and even trigger a feeling of euphoria similar to the feeling of falling in love.

4. Cashews
A study published in the  Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research , scientists shows that the combination of magnesium and vitamin B6 in cashews can help you cope with PMS symptoms.

Cashews are a good source of magnesium. Other nuts, like Brazil nuts, almonds, and pine nuts also contain lots of magnesium. However, cashews are rich in calcium which can help you reduce PMS symptoms. This is as reported by  Everyday Health .


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