This is the Best and Worst Diet Trends in 2020

 Have you successfully implemented a suitable diet program last year or still have a resolution to increase or lose weight in 2020?

Diet trends are still loved by most people. Unfortunately, only a few have actually managed to implement it.

There are so many diets but not all of them are safe for everyone. Nutritionists from all over the world agree on the best and worst diet methods. The following explanation, reported from the India Times

The Best Diet Rating Rating Process

This discovery has been published in US News and World Report's 2020  to find out the best diet ranking. The jury consists of nutrition and medical experts in the fields of diabetes, lifestyle management and cardiovascular health. They compared the 35 most popular and most followed diet methods.

Panelists determined seven categories of dietary methods and ranked from 1-5. The parameters in question are in terms of nutrition, ease of follow, sustainability of the effects of weight loss in the short and long term, safety, side effects and health benefits (if the method is able to prevent or fight risk factors such as diabetes, heart disease and so on).

From this assessment, the Mediterranean diet is still the best ranking of the whole. As in previous years, the Mediterranean diet bought up the title of the easiest diet to follow, the best in preventing diabetes and the best diet plan.

The Mediterranean diet focuses on encouraging those who are regulating food intake to consume red meat, sugar and saturated fat into nuts and wheat. In addition, the Mediterranean diet also helps in reducing the risk of diabetes and helps heart health. And the title is easy to follow because the method is simple and made from natural.

The second best ranking is the flexitarian diet. This diet promotes good weight loss conditions and keeps a healthy heart.

Furthermore, the DASH and MIND diets are also appreciated because they add health benefits and an awareness approach to eating.

Bad news for Keto diet lovers, because it gets the worst title. The reason is because it is restrictive. However, it does not rule out the fact that the Keto diet suits you and helps you manage your weight. The Keto diet is also the most dangerous compared to other diet methods.

In addition, 30 other diets also get low ratings because of the level of difficulty to follow and some who reject certain foods even though the body really needs.

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