Betel Leaves to Overcome Leucorrhoea, Washed or Taken? - Betel leaf decoction water is believed to overcome leucorrhoea . From time to time, this recipe is still used by most people. But is that really so?

"People used to drink betel leaf stew, the benefits really can reduce the risk of growth, fungi, viruses, and bacteria," said Dr. Grace Hananta C, Ht, holistic doctor when met in West Jakarta, Friday (05/03/2019) .

So, what is the best way to take advantage of this extra betel leaf? Is it enough to drink or wash it? The doctor with an Instagram account @ dr.gracehan said that this could be done both ways.

"Actually, there are many ways, if we look at people from ancient times they were chewed, they were drunk stew. Even my mother still likes to be made now if you want to menstruate because in effect it drains our female organs," said Dr. Grace.

"What we usually do is high activity, moist, so it is not easily affected by vaginal discharge. For example, washing is also good, because he has antibacterial," he said.


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